Enabling Ghosted Calendar Entries in Lotus Notes 8.5

This is such a great feature to have enabled within your organization. What is Ghosted Calendar Entries?  It’s Monday morning, you just got in to the office after being off for a week and you had no access to email during your time off. You open your Lotus Notes and see you have 550 unread emails. You try to get through all the emails but realize theirs way to many to go through. You check your calendar and see you have a meeting in 15 minutes. But for some reason it’s gray in color.  You double click the meeting and realize that you haven’t responded to this meeting yet because you haven’t gone through all your emails.  It’s neither Accepted or Declined.  But how can this be? How is this meeting displaying in my calendar view without me responding or taking action on it.

With the Ghosted Calendar Entries enabled – “Display new  (unprocessed) notices.” Meetings that are sent to you will automatically populate in your Calendar view, which you haven’t responded to yet in a gray color. So if you have missed accepting or declining a meeting in your inbox or haven’t gone through your 550 emails, you will still be OK and won’t miss a meeting because you have your Ghosted Entries displaying in your calendar.

To turn this Preference on – Go to More – Preferences – Calendar & To Do – Display – Views – Place a check mark in “Display new (unprocessed) notices”

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